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Ryan Whiteside

O: (248) 905 - 1402

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I am a wife and a mother that understands the many turns that life takes and how goals often change with it.

I know that there are many misconceptions about the home buying process.

My aim is to lift the veil so that you can see your very own potential as a homeowner.

Be it, your personal goals, your family's goals, or your investment goals, you can trust that I'll always have in mind what matters most for you to meet your Real Estate potential.

Awards & Designations

Before becoming a real estate agent, I enjoyed a career in the Salon & Spa industry as a hairstylist and in Salon Management. I also enjoyed more corporate office work as an Administrative and HR Assistant. More recently, I realized I wanted to achieve more personal goals, but my health needed attention. Focusing more on my wellness, I realized I wanted a more fulfilling career, which ultimately led me to real estate.

In my early adult years, I wanted to get into real estate, but I took a path into the Salon and Spa industry. Although the skills needed for that career came easy for me, the passion wasn’t really there. As a Real estate professional, I’m excited to help investors, first-time buyers, growing families, etc., find the homes that fit their needs. The role of support needed in real estate and that I get to fulfil is definitely one of my reasons for becoming a real estate agent.

Having worked in the Salon and Spa industry and searching for more time freedom while partnering with a few network marketing companies, I’m no stranger to commission jobs. I would find myself toggling back and forth between commission jobs that provided more time freedom for my family but still not enough pay and Administrative jobs that provided more stability but took me away from my family for far too many hours at a time and also left me physically and mentally depleted. I was motivated to choose real estate because it blends the professional business aspect with the purpose and payoff of my efforts that I’m looking for in my working career. It also allows me the time freedom to focus on my wellness and that of my family.

2020 was hard on everyone. I found myself laid off from a customer service job that I’d settled on for the “security”, extremely unhealthy because of an unexpected surgery a few years prior that I was having difficulty recovering from because I had no time for myself nor the finances to get the extra things I needed for my wellness. So I decided to invest in my health first. That decision led me to realize that I also wanted more fulfilment in my work. I wanted to have time to focus on the health of myself and my family. I knew I needed to work, but I was no longer willing to sacrifice my time freedom or my health. So I chose to take steps toward a career in real estate.

I want to be able to grow in this business. Not just financially but in knowledge as well. My vision is to be the go-to professional that has a reputation for results. I want to have the fulfilment of helping others professionally while still being able to provide the support needed for myself and my family.

People like to see how we do the things we do. Social presence is huge these days. I’ve found that it’s important to offer knowledge and information through social media so that people see practical value in what I am doing and in turn, feel as though there are things they can gain from what I have to offer them.

Listen, listen, listen. Everyone’s expectations are specific to them. From my experience, to be successful in sales, you must apply customer service 101 as well. I’m successful when I’ve achieved the results my client wants, not necessarily the results I want.

Ryan Whiteside
Home Buying Specialist
Pretty Home Realty
261 E Maple
Birmingham MI 48009

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