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Megan Owens

M: (248)-838-1131

Never judge a book by its cover, unless it actually is a book.

Hello! Although young, you’d be surprised at my experience level.

Along with being homeschooled by my parents, since I was four years old, my maternal great grandmother has lived with my family, and when I was eleven years old my paternal grandmother came to live with I’ve picked up practical skills as well as secular education in my crucial formative years.

For that, I am forever grateful.

Awards & Designations

I’ve been in and around the real estate field for half of my life. My dad got his real estate license and worked for Coldwell Banker. Later my parents picked up Property Inspections in Foreclosure which eventually lead to working for the VA cleaning out foreclosures, thus we worked alongside skilled real estate agents. After seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly, mostly the bad, in people cleaning up after them, I was soured, so I told my parents I want to try something different.

My first “real adult job” was in retail in a small women’s boutique. Though there were some times customers were ridiculous, I learned to laugh about it and brush it off. Being able to help women who came in with body image issues leave our store happy and confident with a bag full of clothes they came in saying they “could never wear” was an amazing feeling, because after all, if a nineteen year old can be confident, why couldn’t they be?

Soon after, my friend suggested something that would work better for supporting myself. Teaching. So I took a course and have a 160 hour TESOL Certificate with the associated NeuroScience behind the HippoCampus and other learning parts of the brain, and I also have a Bachelor's degree in the Fundamentals and Methodology of Language, with a minor in Cultural Studies and soon began teaching children from other countries online how to speak English, and that was one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable jobs I’ve ever had, however with law changes in other countries I lost my job and my students rather suddenly.

Shawn & Christina however, gave me another opportunity to help people in a successful and fulfilling manner! Helping others become real estate agents or find a broker who actually cares about them and their wellbeing and helping them to have successful careers to support their families is something I love doing. Most humans have a desire to help others because it gives them a full and satisfied feeling, and I am one of those humans.

Megan Owens
Recruiter & Executive Assistant
Pretty Home Realty
261 E Maple
Birmingham MI 48009

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