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Choya Flowers

M: 248-291-7797

When you’re a mom of boys, you accept any challenge.

Hello! Come get to know me!

I was born in Detroit, but my family moved around a lot since my dad was in the air force. Although tough sometimes, moving a lot and meeting so many new people, I enjoy working with everyone! Everyone is different and it keeps things exciting!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Family Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child Development. I’ve worked with many different children and families during summer camps and working with youth centers. Looking back at it, it reminds me of how much I enjoy helping families find somewhere to establish their foundation and have a chance to add to the community. Later after getting married and having my first son I went into HR, but I hated feeling like I was just pushing papers..being mentally and physically exhausted while doing something that was absent of purpose and satisfaction isn’t something I was okay settling with. So realizing that I still wanted to work with the community and help people solve their concerns and make sure they’re happy motivated me to take action.

After taking maternity leave with my second son I took the opportunity to change what I was doing. I decided to work in an early intervention program, so I was a liaison for families that had children that have had delays or their parents had concerns about their progress. Helping parents through a concerning time by helping their children hit those stepping stones they take towards milestones made me so happy! When I got the opportunity to jump into real estate, Pretty home was more personable than some of the bigger companies, and they were also persistent in their encouragement and care for me. They worked hard at building a rapport and they have so many helpful videos on Youtube. I was concerned, though, because I hadn't done real estate before but Shawn & Christina were understanding about that.

I love being involved in helping and giving back to the community, so I want everyone to feel that they can rely on me to help them make a huge life decision. Help them through the big and small details. I’m excited to help people, and there's so much opportunity, so let me be a part of that opportunity. Let me help give your family a foundation.

As a mom, I try to make myself as available as possible, especially during school hours, so give me call or text!

Choya Flowers
Mobile: 248-291-7797
Pretty Home Realty
261 E Maple
Birmingham MI 48009

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