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How To Choose the Best Buyer’s Agent

The three main things to look for when choosing a buyer’s agent.

Today’s blog is part one of our two-part series about how to choose the right real estate agent. This part is all about looking for a buyer’s agent. Of course, we’d love you to choose to work with our team, but regardless, we want you to know how to pick the right agent for you. Here are the three main things to look for in a great buyer’s agent: 

1.Find out if they have experience. Everyone has to start sometime, but an experienced agent has more to offer you. If they have a good reputation among other agents, they’ll have networks, and that can often help get your offer accepted. When other agents know your agent has a reputation as a closer, seeing their name on your offer will give you a boost. 

Also, an experienced agent has already learned how to overcome common challenges. An agent that works with three clients per year doesn’t know as much as the one who works with three per week. Experienced agents may be able to anticipate issues and help you get past them. 

2. Find out how they’ll make your offer stand out to sellers. Of course, most agents will ensure your offer is well-written, but an excellent agent will do what they can to make it stand out from all the others being submitted. Do they have a strategy for your offer, or will they just blindly toss it onto the pile and see how it goes? 

An experienced agent has already learned how to overcome common challenges.

3. Ensure you have a strong connection. You need a strong connection with your agent. This is a huge financial decision and will likely be emotional. Make sure your agent understands you and makes you feel important. If you have a fantastic relationship, they’ll be able to interpret your needs better and help you accomplish your goals. 

Be on the lookout for part two where we’ll discuss what to look for in a seller’s agent! If you have further questions about how to find the best agent for you or any other real estate matter, call or visit our website. We would love to help you.

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