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What our clients are saying about us!

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Shawntae Love:

“Our conversation was so pleasant. When we started looking there were some challenges. I remember we saw a couple places and I felt like trying to find exactly what you want is tough. The home may not have everything but if it does have most of what you want you’ve got to make a move. You guys were so awesome and sending those notifications for the places we wanted whether it was in Southfield or Farmington.  You guys are always accessible; that was a good thing. I really appreciated that you never put any pressure on us. You said “listen we’re gonna get it right”. We got it right! Thank you so much!”

Rocky Debose:

“I decided to take on a more fiscally responsible role. 2020 was myself-imposed deadline, so one of the things that was looming in my mind were the taxes that I was paying on my lot every year. I didn’t want to get rid of the lot when I got your letter. That letter just made everything clear for me. It helped me make that tough decision. Working with you and everybody that that’s associated with you and your organization has been great. I have no regrets. Every question I had was answered to my satisfaction. When dealing with my money, whoever I’m dealing with has to have excellent customer service otherwise I don’t want to deal with them. Whether it’s a restaurant, selling my lot, finding some shoes, I demand excellent customer service for my money. You guys are great.”

Ruel Mesa:

“My wife and I had a very positive experience working with you and we thank you. We really like your professionalism your friendliness. Also your sense of humor! This was a great experience for us, especially since this is my first time as a home buyer. I definitely will be recommending you, and if I know of some acquaintances that will the plan to buy or sell their properties I will not hesitate to recommend you to them.”

Tiffany White:

“Thank you so much! Its been a long journey and I appreciate that everything you guys did was smooth and professional. Once again, Thanks!”

Dan Levine:

“I got in touch through my cousin who’s husband’s actually a broker. This was my first home,  I really didn’t know what to do. There is so much involved in the process so I was completely lost. You know How to handle these things and explained them  while putting them into understandable terms for me because this housing is completely new to me. I appreciate your honesty.”

Sheila Lopez: .

“There’s not as Many houses in the market as I would like, but Shawn and Christina helped me find the right house for my family. I have two girls, we were looking for a good school district”

Judy Moon:

“First of all Shawn and Christina helped me save my building, salon, and my home. Actually and I was in a very difficult situation when they walked into my business and offered me lots of options, and I just knew that they could help me, even though other people before could not not help. They also are very professional and very kind people to work with and honest and just very easy to work with. Especially when I was going through difficult situations, I was very comfortable. They worked a miracle. Thank you, thank you very much”

Gwen Henderson:

“Ya’ll are awesome & so efficient. Everything went smoothly and I think we worked real good together. I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat. I seriously appreciate that everything worked out to my favor and you guys were a part of  making that happen so I appreciate it.”

Donny and Phyllis Knight:

“The reason we decided that we wanted to move is because we wanted to get a little closer to our children and we wanted a little more space so we thought lets get serious about getting this done. I think it took us a less than a week …people came in to look at it & wanted to buy. There were not problems with the selling of the property at all. We sold the place so quickly. So we looked at homes, but different issues kept coming out. But everything just kept coming together I guess it was an experience, but it was a good experience.  We really appreciated that the Calhoun’s were they were on top of everything, getting the paperwork done even though we had just a short period of time to get that done.”

Helen Clark:

“I actually feel like Shawn and Christina are part of my family. When when I met them it was as if I knew them all the time.  They were very patient with me I ask them question  and they would say “I’m working for you and whatever you want me to do just let me know”  I appreciated that and Shawn’s beautiful, wonderful wife Christina, she’s like a daughter to me or granddaughter so I love them both. I definitely will recommend you to my friends and family to work with them to help sell their home because of your patience and how you explain things. You do what’s supposed to be done, the right thing.”

The Fitzpatrick’s:

“I told them my situation where I needed to do a short sale because of finances that got out of control and that I could no longer continue with this house. I had to get rid of it and through a short sale. The Calhoun’s are very professional and they helped us to accomplish our goals. I would recommend those with different situations that people find themselves in to Pretty home realty – because sometimes you’re in a situation and it’s a private situation and you might love where you’re living but you can’t stay there anymore and you need some assistance. Christina and Shawn, when we met them, right away we felt comfortable. We felt we could ask any question without being embarrassed or ashamed and also they directed us this situation and helped us along. Actually I loved it because they were there when I needed them. When I called, they answered the phone. I didn’t have to track them down so they took the stress out of the situation.”

Najite Douglas:

“I knew that I wanted to sell quickly. I did not want my property just sitting in a mix of unsold properties, so I knew that Pretty home Realty was right for me. Christina Calhoun took the ball and ran with it. We talked about pricing and what my goal was, and she listened to me and priced it very well. As soon as it went on the market, the first day, my phone was just dinging dinging dinging for viewers who wanted to view the property mainly because of the pricing factor so we met my goal.”

Justen Lewis:

“I’m writing a positive review for Shawn Calhoun. He was courteous, diligent, and reassuring. He explained the process and kept me informed. He really facilitated a positive buying experience. The process was quite easy given Shawn’s professional expertise. He was willing to address questions and concerns. He even called after the purchase to see how everything was going. I’m very happy with my purchase and appreciate Shawn for making it a positive experience.”

Jay Gundy and Xinhui Shu:

“Christina contacted me from a form. It was probably one month looking for a home. I don’t really have  any complaints. Something that you worked hard to make sure of was to accommodate anything I needed. The only big concern was that the property. I didn’t have a homestead exemption so there were some issues with the having to pay the higher property taxes for the summer with that and then trying to get the mortgage company to base the escrow on what it would be next year instead.  We were able to negotiate with the seller to kick in and help cover some of those costs and we were able to get get everything actually a lot a lot better than that . I appreciate your courtesy. You would ask questions and then you would follow through.”

Marcel and Aundia Managualt:

“Actually it wasn’t hard to find the home it was just a matter of actually getting the home, working with the mortgage company in everything. Get the house was actually no problem. We’d be like “hey we found a home. Okay we’ll meet you there at eleven”. So it was perfect the way we found this home. Christina suggested this home that I was seeing on the website and just kind of passed through and she said “hey this house is really nice it’s move-in ready” and I’m like” really?” and she says “yes!”. It is a beautiful home it’s got a brand-new kitchen. You guys were our trail blazers and you got us through this completely. Even when we had some negative thoughts, you always kept us positive and mentally strong.”

Dozie Obasi:

“I was going through a lot of different agents and I just wasn’t getting the help that I needed.  I told him don’t be discouraged because he got a little frustrated.  I told him to just keep looking you will you will come across that one person that wants to do the right thing. Pretty home realty had that person, Shawn Calhoun. I want this to be an encouragement for young men especially young African-American men. I mean we came all the way from Africa and we’ve done it. So can you!”

Michelle Beam:

“Working with the Calhoun Team was fantastic! They were always on top of stuff even when weren’t.  The whole process was a little confusing but every single question we asked (and there were a lot of them) they answered quickly and properly, and it was fabulous!”

Elaine Davis:

“I was kind of in between trying to find a ranch  with a nice-size yard, or a condominium but where you can get the best of both worlds. Trying to find the right area with what I was looking for it was kind of difficult. Sometimes we found the right house, but it wasn’t the right area. We enjoyed working with you, and we looked at as many houses as we needed to to find the perfect one.”

Elizabeth Grayson:

“I feel positive about the purchase.  I really do think that my change of homes will help free up a lot of money for my sons college as well as me not having any house payments.  I was so glad to work with Mr. Calhoun, he is so professional and so is Christina, they both are so professional. I have never encountered a realtor like you guys. You showed me the professionalism, the kindness, the generosity that I deserve. I do appreciate it.”

Rachel Jones:

“Shawn and Christina helped out family find our home. They were able to get us into view the houses we wanted to see in a timely manner. The are professional, thorough and efficient realtors!”

Barbra Jones:

“A friend of mine recommended you and we had been talking about you. I was looking for a nice home or condominium. It was kind of difficult at first but there were so many good choices so we saw them quickly. It was a lot of teamwork involved. They got my perfect home.”


“I knew that I didn’t want to rent much longer, because I knew that I probably was spending way too much money renting and I was right. I did my research else in between. Everything was just right. I appreciate you guys, it really worked out for the best.”

Nate Samuels:

“These guys are very reliable! They were patient and reasonable to the end! What I really like about Shawn is that he is honest and he will give you advice on anything about real estate. I definitely recommend anyone that wants to buy/sell a home to work with them.”