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    Projects That Will Give You the Biggest ROI

    By Support Support | March 1, 2023

    Three home upgrades that will fetch you a high return on your investment. When preparing your house for sale, you may be led to believe that the more upgrades you make, the higher the price you can list for. However, not all home upgrades are created equal; some will have you pouring money down the... Read More

    Sell for More Money by Using These 3 Steps

    By Support Support | January 27, 2023

    Three things to focus on when preparing your home for the market. It is crucial to thoughtfully prepare your home before you put it up for sale. A home that is correctly staged and prepped will sell for thousands of dollars more. However, how do you know where to start? There are a lot of... Read More

    3 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Goals in 2023

    By Support Support | January 25, 2023

    I’m sharing three steps you can take to achieve your goals in 2023. It’s the new year, and everyone is talking about goals. If you have goals for 2023, how can you achieve them? Today I’m sharing three things you can do to reach your goals this year:  1. Brainstorm and write your goals down.... Read More

    The Pros and Cons of Renting Out Your Home

    By Shawn Calhoun | December 19, 2022

    Should you sell your primary residence or turn it into a rental property? Read More

    Buying Now vs. Timing the Market

    By Shawn Calhoun | November 30, 2022

    How to decide if you should try to time the market for a cheaper price. Read More

    Don’t Get Emotional During a Sale

    By Shawn Calhoun | November 15, 2022

    Avoid these common mistakes if you want to have a successful sale. Read More

    Buyers: Lock In Your Rate ASAP

    By Support Support | October 6, 2022

    You have options to safeguard yourself from fluctuating rates. Read More

    Will We See a Wave of Foreclosures?

    By Support Support | September 26, 2022

    Are foreclosures on the rise, and how will this affect our market? Will we see a tsunami of distressed properties like we did in 2008? Most likely not, but foreclosures are on the rise. Why is that?  Government stimulus, low interest rates, and pent-up housing demand created a bull market over the last few years.... Read More

    Our Client Just Had a Big Win

    By Support Support | August 1, 2022

    We are so excited to congratulate Amber on her successful home purchase! Read More

    We’re Thrilled To Announce Our Agent’s Big Win

    By Support Support | July 26, 2022

    We are thrilled to congratulate our team member on her big win! Read More