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How To Choose the Right Seller’s Agent

These are the three main things to look for in a seller’s agent.

Today in part two of our two-part series about how to find the right real estate agent, we’re discussing what to look for when interviewing seller’s agents. Here are three essential things to find out about the seller’s agents you’re interviewing:

1. What is their marketing plan? You likely want to sell your house as quickly and for the most money possible. The average agent will simply put a sign in your yard and pray that your property sells. If it’s a strong market, your home may sell that way, but not for the most money possible. Many agents don’t market houses to the fullest. 

If they use a yard sign, are they utilizing technology, like including a number to text that will take them to a website with more information? What else are they doing? Are they sending postcards or advertising on Facebook and Google? 95% of the entire world gets on Google at least once per day! Proper marketing of your property is crucial.

2. Do they understand the current market? The agent you work with needs to not only understand your entire area but your neighborhood as well. Do they know who the potential buyers are for your home? These are fairly easy things for agents to find out, so make sure they’re doing their research ahead of time—they should be able to give you that information. 

3. Ensure they have a strong team working with them. Having a team behind them means they can help you through anything that happens. Your home has to go through several things during the process, so make sure the team you work with has a transaction coordinator to ensure everything goes smoothly. You don’t just want to sell your house—you want to have the best possible experience while selling. 

If you have more questions about finding the right seller’s agent or concerning real estate in general, feel free to reach out to us via phone or our website. We’d be glad to help you accomplish your real estate goals.

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