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Projects That Will Give You the Biggest ROI

Three home upgrades that will fetch you a high return on your investment.

When preparing your house for sale, you may be led to believe that the more upgrades you make, the higher the price you can list for. However, not all home upgrades are created equal; some will have you pouring money down the drain, while others will get you immediate resale value. Understanding which projects to take on can help you make thousands of dollars more. So, what home improvements should you do if you want to get a fantastic return on your investment?

To answer this question, we have to take into consideration the changes that happened in the past few years. Our homes were recently put through a massive re-evaluation. In response to the pandemic, there are now certain features in a home that have become much more attractive to buyers. If you can include them in your upgrades, you can increase the value of your house and turn it into a coveted property in the market. In particular, there are three projects you’ll want to take on:

1. Add more usable square footage. According to a 2020 survey by HomeLight, the need for more space was among the top reasons why people move. Projects such as creating a home office space, building an open floor plan, and finishing your basement can give you that additional space that buyers want nowadays.

“Understanding which projects to take on can help you make thousands of dollars more.”

2. Improve your curb appeal. When a buyer is looking at homes, the first thing they’ll see is the pictures online of the outside of the house. Therefore, prioritize this first impression. One of the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal is by focusing on your landscaping. Make your home look more enticing by adding healthy plants and blooming flowers to your yard or replacing your mulch. Not all changes have to be big and grand. Sometimes small details like painting your front door or updating your mailbox will catch the attention of buyers. 

In addition, don’t neglect your backyard. Functional outdoor spaces such as a deck, a fireplace, or an outdoor kitchen are now more valued due to the pandemic. If your home has a nice exterior living area, buyers can imagine themselves enjoying the fresh air as they indulge in outdoor activities. 

3. Work on your kitchen and bathrooms. If you work on the previous two points, but your kitchen is still a trainwreck, you won’t attract many buyers. Working on these areas will help you get the best value possible. Just know that you don’t have to figure this out on your own—my team and I can help you determine what’s trending and what buyers are looking for. Plus, we have a list of great contractors that we can share with you. 

Every home is different, so let me know if you’d like a personalized evaluation of which upgrades would give you the most value for your property. Call or email me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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