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What It’s Like To Work With Us

Our recent clients discuss how we helped them sell their homes.

What is it like to work with Pretty Home Realty? We could tell you how great we are all day, but we thought it would be better if you heard it from some of our clients instead. That’s why today Jesse and Harriet are joining us to talk about their experience working with Pretty Home Realty. 

What challenges did you face during this process? 

We originally listed our home in February, and almost immediately, we had a buyer lined up. We were ecstatic, but they were not approved for their loan. After this setback, we didn’t know what to do. Should we take our home off the market and wait, or tough it out and wait for another buyer? Fortunately, Pretty Home Realty found another willing buyer very quickly. By early March, we were already in negotiations. 

Before you sold, you were primarily renting this property out. What do people selling income properties need to know heading into the process?

We had a contractor do some work on our house. For example, we needed some steps repaired and a few issues in the basement fixed. Pretty Home Realty helped us decide what needed to be done, so when the inspection came, we were confident nothing major would come up. Our buyer wanted a property that was ready to go immediately, and we’re sure our repairs helped us sell quickly and for top dollar. 

“By early March, we were already in negotiations.”

Would you recommend the Calhoun Team to anybody else?

We already have! Whenever we hear that one of our friends is looking to sell or buy a home, we tell them how great your team was. 

We’d like to thank Jesse and Harriet once again for sharing their story with us. If you have questions about buying or selling a home, please call or email us. We are always willing to help!

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